At CooksonPeirce, we trust the numbers to help us develop investment products and strategies for the discerning institutional investor.

Perfected over four decades, our stock selection model is purely quantitative.

We remove emotion and bias from the equation.

Instead, we conduct continuous analysis and adhere to a carefully crafted buy/sell discipline.

No arbitrary choices. No decisions based on gut feelings.

Just credible, replicable science with the agility to change and adjust.

It empowers you to capitalize on the right opportunities.

And it is a strategy that guides our own portfolios, because we invest our personal assets right alongside that of our clients.

The CooksonPeirce Model

Universe of Stocks

Proprietary Ranking

Industry Analysis

Security Selection

Why it works


  • We invest broadly across select industry groups
  • Provides the best opportunities for return while reducing portfolio risk

The Right Buy/Sell Triggers

  • Focused solely on current stock price
  • Constant analysis and evaluation
  • Under-performing stocks are sold based on a carefully crafted formula, all driven by our proprietary model